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Our love for games started in early childhood, when we played PlayStation, GameBoy and PC games. That is the point when we got the idea of becoming game creators. There are many games we like to play in the spare time, but we will list ones that we play most often together, or the ones what we like to compete with each other. 



As true gamers, classic games are within our hearts and we like to keep returning to the roots. Furthermore, the rich content of modded maps, makes this game so unique and evergreen.


Enfo TD map is our absolute favourite. Despite the fact that  2 game modes exist (teamed up and against each other), we eagerly play together, trying to survive the final wave. When we play together we are bonding, but we always try to kid others. The worst one always is mostly made fun of, but it’s all fun and playing. There is also X hero defense, TTW,  angela arena and many tower defenses that we like to play. 



We are still amazed how active community was in Warcraft 3 and how many awesome, user-generated maps exists.  


Definitely, the games made with love and a deep passion for gaming, never gets old. Once you experience that true, core-gaming feeling,  you know you get yourself the masterpiece of the game.




Most of us played DOTA or League of Legends when we were teenagers, but now we don’t have that much time for playing them competitively. That is the moment where Mobile legends bang bang comes in to play. Game creators transferred that MOBA feeling to the mobile, but made it easier and faster to play. Hence, sometimes we stay after a long day in the office to play a couple of games as the team.





AFK arena is the masterpiece of idle game. When you walk through the office you will always see AFK arena running on someones phone and hoping for RNG god to help them pass the level. At the office we have a tradition that some other college pulls for us. We always try to help each other with a strategy to pass a level.






Is there anyone who doesn’t have some zombie game within their favorites?


This game has many amazing levels which require different tactics and strategies in order to pass them. Feeling when you make a mistake and need to fix it fast, which is of course accompanied with the yeling, joking, screaming and other loud noises.


When finally solve the level we always laugh and talk about funny events from the level We played this game for a while every day after work and even once we almost got late to New Years party, because we couldn’t finish the level. 





In Serbia football (soccer) is very popular and almost everybody has played it. Even when there weren’t any goals we had put cans to make a goal, in order to play football.  


FIFA Ultimate team is one of the games that made pack opening popular again. When we play against each other it always make us compete with each other. Jokes when playing FIFA and some members being stressed out is fun for others to watch. Anybody who played FIFA know how people react when there is a penalty kick in the play. When that happens people hide their joystick so that others can’t see on what side they are going to shoot, everybody totally focuses on the screen and there is always same grand reaction, like jumping, screaming and celebratory poses.





These games made us motivated to create games and we have fallen in love with because of them. There also a lot of other masterpieces that we like to play individually, but these games make us bond with each other and they are what helps us to be a great team. We hope one day we will fulfil our childhood dream and create many great games which will be played for ages.


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