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A few years ago, gaming and cloud technologies were almost incompatible, first of all, because of the lack of infrastructure which needs to support huge server load. New services from Google and Apple show us that gaming and cloud are closer than ever.


End of March this year, tech giants from California presented us their latest products which are tending to be revolutionary when the gaming industry is concerning. Google Stadia and Apple Arcade are new cloud gaming services which allow playing video games online thanks to the very powerful servers regardless player’s PC, mobile phone or tablet configuration.


Furthermore, those services still need to be published and to pass major tests from user’s side. Nevertheless, a series of questions are needed to be answered, like some technical questions such as problems with latency, or questions related to the development of gaming industry – how this cloud services can popularize video games even more.


Miracle Dojo CTO, Stefan Djordjevic has a little bit skeptic opinion about which impact these services could have on the gaming industry. Stefan believes that these services could change the gaming industry in theory, but he thinks that brings more problems than solutions:



Essentially, this type of services doesn’t solve any existing problem and it will probably experience similar or a little bit smaller hype like VR had once, and after that disappear from the stage.


Stefan thinks the only real benefit could be if these services succeed to eradicate microtransactions and ads from video games and offer a totally new, better model of monetization in games. He said that if games are paid per hour, video games should be exciting and with overall higher quality by itself, but considering the fact that Google’s business model depends on Ads to a large degree, that hardly going to happen.


From the technical side, Stefan explained a crucial problem with this type of gaming which is reflected in time delay which occurs from the moment player hit the button to the real response on the screen:


“For example, in highly popular multiplayer games, there is an “input lag”, but it is masked using several standard techniques. The point of single player games is that there is no “input lag” at all and players could play them without an internet connection, so I can’t find any essential reason players would migrate from the existing  solutions to these new.”


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